Written on September 18th, 2020

I haven’t been outside in four days. In 2020, that hardly seems like an anomaly, but these last four days have been the most suffocating.

Like many other knowledge workers, my husband and I moved out of our Brooklyn apartment in May. Nomadic, we are slowly making our way to a new life in LA, stopping through Montana and Wyoming, down the west coast through Washington and Oregon, finally arriving in California.

We have been wrestling with wildfires for two weeks. The Almeda Fire sprang on us, forcing us to evacuate from Jacksonville, Oregon, a…

“Would that we could choose the things that trouble us, but we can’t. While each of us must find our own way forward through this forest of doubt, it is only with the support of others that we’ll be able to do so.” — Ted Chiang

At certain periods a nation may be oppressed by such insupportable evils as to conceive the design of effecting a total change in its political constitution; at other times… the existence of society itself is endangered. Such are the times of great revolutions… But between these epochs of misery and confusion there are periods during which human society seems to rest and mankind to take breath. This pause is, indeed, only apparent, for time does not stop its course for nations any more than for [individuals]; they are all advancing every day towards a goal with which they are unacquainted.”…

If you’ve ever felt a dusting of imposter syndrome, or are looking for a confidence boost, read this. Gaining awareness into how talented you are, who values those talents, how much they value them, and being able to articulate this to others is one of the things that set me free. I hope you find it useful, too.

The lovely rockstar Ellen Terchila hosting our chat

Recently, I went in for a fireside chat at Sailthru’s Women in Tech Forum (which is satisfyingly abbreviated to WTF… as if you needed any other sign that these women are brilliant!)

I was blown away by the group of women and…

— A framework for answering life’s biggest question

This framework was initially shared as a talk at Yale University.

Last year, I quit my dream job at Google because I had finally uncovered the purpose of my life.

I had been searching, on- and off-again, for 34 years. The last stretch was accelerated by the raw pain of burn out, and traversed three continents. Fortunately, I encountered some remarkable teachers and teachings. I found maps and guides. And these are what I want to share with you.

Your life’s purpose; the meaning of your life. The meaning of it all. There are answers. There is truth. More importantly, there is your answer, your truth. You’ll need honesty, courage, and willingness as you seek. Listen, and have patience. This work builds. The good news is, your answer is already…

March is Women’s History Month, and today is International Women’s Day. And this year, I’ve got an idea to share. It’s time we took control of what it means to be a modern woman. Read on, join me in this discussion, and comment with your ideas!

What does it mean to be a modern woman? What do we want it to mean?

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, I was sitting in front of my computer, bawling. My hands and feet were still warming up after a frigid London day spent shouting alongside millions of women and men in the first Women’s March. I felt thawed, watching voices and faces gather around the world, sharing stories, unleashing…

It’s 3pm, Saturday, February 11th. I’m staring out of my living room window, one of four large panes of glass composing the walls of this parlour, and watching the people of Chelsea walk by. The weather is grey. Grey and cold, and although it’s not dark outside, one scarcely manages to make out any light. The bricks of the building across from me, directly in my view, are a tepid tan, peppered with darker rectangles, dreary, just like the dead winter tree clinging to life in its front yard. It snowed this morning. A fluffy, large petaled snow that drifted…

To me, being Chinese was never about the color red, or sweet and sour pork, communism, or ancient wonders. It was something I wrestled with growing up as a toothy, cantankerous kid in Texas, climbing trees, catching grasshoppers, trying to fit in amongst all the other neighborhood brats. It was as inseparable to me as my Americanness, but also as invisible to me as a single thread in a finely woven rug.

The first time I went back to China after moving away was when I was 12 years old, 8 years after I had left. I hardly remembered any…

June 19, 2016: Father’s Day

About a month ago, I went fishing on a small pier just under the Golden Gate Bridge with my dad. He’s 61 now, newly retired, and has finally picked up a hobby for himself — fishing. My entire life, all I remember my dad taking interest in were two things: his research, and sports on TV. The former was an obsession that banged about in his mind day and night. You could literally see the gears turning in his head as he mulled over one complex problem or another, stewing on the couch, sitting around…

Amy Jin

I love humans, channel my unflappable optimism into sci-fi, and reflect on all matters of the heart

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